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No unrealistic promises, Cashback is based on our returns from investments.

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About us is a german speaking community for crypto investments.
KryptoRente-Adshare is our private, international crowdfunding community.

What is AdShare?

With our AdShare offer you buy a so-called AdPack, which you can then use to advertise on this platform. Members who have bought at least one AdPack view up to 10 of these ads per week. They do this in order to be eligible for the payouts on Sunday evening - because it gives back up to 150% of the purchase price of an AdPack!

So you only need to buy one AdPack and you can recruit new partners for your business. Then you only need to look at up to 10 earnings offers from other members every week and even earn money with your advertising!

Our Philosophy

Crypto currencies change the world.
Be a part of this change!

Dennis Admin

Our Portfolio

Forex Trading
Other investments
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Our AdPacks

The entire system behind KryptoRente-AdShare is designed for
high security and fast reinvestment. Our AdPacks play a central role here.

  • KR Newbie

    0.0001฿ per AdPack
    • No AdPacks required/li>
    • 11 Website visitors
    • 2x 110 Banner views
    • Total 110% Cashback
    • ø 2.4% Cashback per week in 2020
    • Maximum 1010 active KR Newbie
  • KR Starter

    0.001฿ per AdPack
    • No KR Newbie required
    • 12 Website visitors
    • 2x 120 Banner views
    • Total 120% Cashback
    • ø 2.3% Cashback per week in 2020
    • Maximum 2814 active KR Starter
  • KR Profi

    0.01฿ per AdPack
    • No KR Starter required
    • 13 Website visitors
    • 2x 130 Banner views
    • Total 130% Cashback
    • ø 2.2% Cashback per week in 2020
    • Maximum 1206 active KR Profi
    • 77% Repurchase Contribution
  • KR VIP

    0.1฿ per AdPack
    • 10 KR Profi required
    • 15 Website visitors
    • 2x 150 Banner views
    • Total 150% Cashback
    • ø 2.5% Cashback per week in 2020
    • Maximum 40 active KR VIP
    • 67% Repurchase Contribution

Last payments

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Our Service

We offer the following services to
our members on

Revenue Sharing

- Fair system of revenue sharing
- Highest possible security
- Earn money with advertising
- Up to 5% Cashback per week
- Up to 150% in total per AdPack
- Cashback is based on our returns


With AdPacks you can promote your links and earn Bitcoins on the side. You only need to visit up to 10 websites/week to earn up to 150% cashback. With an upgrade to a V.I.P. Partner you don't need to visit any websites.


Earning money this way is fun! Use the possibilities of a German speaking crypto community and chat with other crypto retirees or share valuable content in the forum. A great community is waiting for you here; join our Telegram group now.

Anti-Cheat System

Fraudsters have no chance with us. Whether surfbot or double accounts, our anti-cheat system permanently analyses the IPs of the members, browser and PC information and much more 100% automatically. Whoever cheats, flies!

Bitcoin (BTC)

We work exclusively with Bitcoin. We don't just handle deposits and withdrawals with Bitcoin and then convert them internally into dollars - no, we also invest in crypto investments and only distribute Bitcoin.

Passive income

Only the most stable and secure earning opportunities make it into our portfolio. You only need one AdPack and we diversify worldwide into the best opportunities for your passive income.

Our Partners

With these strong partners we provide
security and a smooth process of our offer.

The Team

These two souls ensure that everything runs smoothly:

Dennis Nagel

Dennis Nagel

Website & Financial

Telegram: @FreiherrDennis


Harald Krause

Harald Krause

Support & Management

Telegram: @MagixDancer



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